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'They think it's all over, its only just begun'
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The Lions that Rose up! (Welcome page to Sixty6 Website) - “There is a forgotten, nay almost forbidden word, which means more to me than any other. The word is England.” – Winston Churchill.

Lion: The animalistic embodiment of pride, of dominance, of passion, of ferociousness. A presence that would fight until the bloody death to protect its pride and so too its territory. Unfazed to face much bigger, stronger foe, for fear is not one if its virtues. So, is it not so aptly judicative to moniker this splendid beast as the King of the jungle?

Rose: Crafted from divine beauty, elegantly sewn in petaliferous blooms of allure. The efflorescence of nature, blessed with such humility and dignity in growth among a world enveloped by a rash of lesser weeds. So, is it not aptly judicative of us to moniker this delicate wonder as the Queen of nature?

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