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'They think it's all over, its only just begun'
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The Lions that Rose up!  (Welcome page to Sixty6 Website?)

 “There is a forgotten, nay almost forbidden word, which means more to me than any other. The word is England.” – Winston Churchill.

Lion: The animalistic embodiment of pride, of dominance, of passion, of ferociousness. A presence that would fight until the bloody death to protect its pride and so too its territory. Unfazed to face much bigger, stronger foe, for fear is not one if its virtues. So, is it not so aptly judicative to moniker this splendid beast as the King of the jungle?

Rose: Crafted from divine beauty, elegantly sewn in petaliferous blooms of allure. The efflorescence of nature, blessed with such humility and dignity in growth among a world enveloped by a rash of lesser weeds. So, is it not aptly judicative of us to moniker this delicate wonder as the Queen of nature?

"While the questions persist…

They know who we are…
That is why…
Because…We are hope, we are glory, we are England!
Sixty6 Magazine Inaugural Issue, August 2013."

Is it a mere coincidence that such aesthetic symbols represent our valiant England? That we are ruminated in the thoughts of bigger nations as a gargantuan force? That we, as a people and as a country are respected for not only our domineering yet diplomatic and gracious character, but so too our magnificent, world beating history? Are we not but a solitary David trapped within a world inhabited by Goliaths?

Is it not in our nature to strive to be the best that we can be? And is it not so, that we are led into our battles, our predicaments, our future by a proud and majestic monarchy? A King or Queen much like the parallels of the above descriptions?

They know who we are…

That famous Red Cross, once emblemised on the tunics of brave warriors marching into battle, initiated by our Patron Saint George, remains upon the chest of those who represent our country in the modern age. Now sewn into the attire of men who head into a very different type of field this summer, the playing field, entangled in a much-varied form of battle, although a battle to conquer Europe nonetheless.

Those chosen leaders, elevated from their communities and thrust upon the stage constructed by slats of hope and crux of expectation have swords of potential clenched within their fists as they prepare to not only lead one another, but also their country, their communities and us – their people, into action. Let them know they are blessed to be chosen and honoured to see many varied legions of fans from many regions, unite as one to support those who commence ahead on our behalf.

Like our incredible past that is already written by the hands of great figures before our time, the indigenous souls made of the true English spirit seek a legacy of glory that we can leave behind for future generations to look back on, as the famous team of Sixty6 once did. The victory, the accomplishment, the classic urge to win fuels us to believe, to want, to crave, to seek success. If our chosen team should return that triumph from vital qualifiers towards the gigantic step of securing the buzz of gold in Brazil next summer, initiated during the year of our football organisation’s Sesquicentennial anniversary year, would we not write it into our history books with the biggest pen and boldest ink on hand? We would for we are English and we are winners who savour victory for what it is.

That is why…

We will believe in what we have and support our own until and beyond the moment the final whistle sounds. And why, no matter how much the pessimist, there is always something inside that believes in our own ability as a nation and therefore believes that our eternal search could conclude in victory.


If our chosen patrons of the game should grow to the occasion and blossom – much like the delicate rose – and summon to their aplomb the inner, ferocious beast – much like the splendid lion – we can take the sword of destiny into our own noble hands and slay whichever dragon stands between us and what we pursue… success!

We are hope, we are glory, we are England!

Sixty6 Magazine Inaugural Issue, August 2013.

Andrew Powell 






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